Pink Doughnut Stud Earrings


Pink Doughnut Stud Earrings

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Super cute, hand painted, birch wood, doughnut stud earrings
Perfect for wearing anytime you're going to get doughnuts, eating doughnuts, or even just thinking about eating doughnuts....You should probably go get some doughnuts. 

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Measuring .45 inches wide x .32 inches high
Attached to hypoallergenic titanium studs
These earrings are incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. 

▲ CARE ▲
All earrings are sealed with a high quality varnish, but please avoid direct contact with water, creams, make-up, and perfumes to avoid any damage. 

Please note each earring is hand painted so there may be slight variations from the actual sample shown and wood grain may vary from earring to earring.

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