Wide Harvest Cuff

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Wide Harvest Cuff

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Corn is one of the most sacred foods. Because of this it played a huge part in many Cherokee ceremonies. The most important was the Green Corn Ceremony. It was held after the harvest every year and was a time for renewing life.  This ceremony celebrated both the crop and the sense of community that shaped their lives. It was also a time for us to forgive all wrong doings and to start a new.  

I seal all of my copper pieces with a museum grade wax polish to prevent deterioration from moisture and air exposure, but copper’s natural patina will still darken over time. To learn more about caring for your jewelry, visit my jewelry care page.

Solid copper
Size: 1 in x 6 in with a 1 inch gap
Suitable for a small to medium size wrists (but are very adjustable)
Handmade in St. Louis, MO

▲ CARE ▲
I only use the highest quality materials in all of my creations so your jewelry will last a lifetime, but to keep your pieces in the very best condition avoid contact with harsh chemicals, cosmetics, and chlorine. 

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