Watercolor Practice

Last week I had the opportunity to take a watercolor class at this neat little shop called Union Studio. It was a two hour workshop learning about watercolor techniques. In my head two hours seemed like a long class, but once we got started I couldn't believe how fast it went. It was so much fun. I would love to take another class and start a watercolor project on my own. If you ever get the chance you should check out Union Studio. I hope to take another class of theirs soon.  

Busy Busy Design Week

I haven't been able to craft much this week. I've been busy freelancing for the great folks over at Collage.com. I was given the opportunity to design some really cool patterns for their pattern builder. 

While playing around with some of my patterns I uploaded one of my designs from my Etsy shop to see how they would look together. And if I do say so myself it's adorable! This would also make a cute shower curtain, which they also make. I think I could play around with patterns, color schemes and designs all night. 

Patterns on Collage.com | MeanRightHook.com

DIY Glitter Night Light

DIY Glitter Night Light | MeanRightHook.com

I've been seeing super cute glitter Mason jar night lights on Pinterest lately and I wanted to try making one for Raven's room. I didn't have a Mason jar handy but I did have a giant salsa jar to use. I could not believe how easy it was to make. Now I want to glitter everything!!  

Here's what you need to get started:
    1.    A clean jar
    2.    Floor cleaner (I used Pledge floor care)
    3.    Extra fine glitter
    4.    A LED light or battery operated tea light

DIY Glitter Night Light | MeanRightHook.com

First, pour the floor cleaner into the jar. Make sure to coat the entire jar. Then let the excess liquid drip out. (Ozzy wanted to help)

DIY Glitter Night Light | MeanRightHook.com

Then pour in your glitter and coat the inside of the jar. I slowly spinned the jar on it’s side to get an even coat.

Next shake out the excess glitter and let the jar dry. Even though my jar is huge it didn’t take very much glitter at all. For extra fanciness, I made a raven decal and applied it to the outside of the jar

For the last step I put velcro on the inside of the jar lid and velcro on the bottom of my LED light. I also added a little ribbon around the neck of the jar.

DIY Glitter Night Light | MeanRightHook.com

I think it fits right in with the rest of her decor. Now I'm off to glitter everything else in the house.