Taking Care of your Jewelry

Each and every piece is handcrafted in the Mean Right Hook studio. Like all fine jewelry, they need to be looked after carefully, but don’t fret! Here’s how to make your beautiful, one of a kind pieces last a life time.

  • Protect your jewelry from chemicals, cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes.
  • Store your jewelry in a safe place way from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Your jewelry will tarnish naturally over time. To keep your pieces looking as bright as the day you got them, clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth, Pro Polish Pad, or Sunshine Polish Cloth.
  • Never go swimming wearing your jewelry. Chlorine can cause damage to metals and natural stones.



Gently rub using a soft cloth, Pro Polish Pad, or Sunshine Polish Cloth

Or use an ultrasonic cleaner

This will remove the tarnish and dullness keeping your piece looking as good as new.



Copper naturally darkens over time by just being in contact with the air in the environment. When it comes in contact with any kind of acidity, like sweat, it can turn your skin green. It’s completely harmless and washes right off. 

To make your copper shiny and remove all patina, clean your piece with a little lemon juice and a soft cloth.

If you want to get in the crevices use a soft tooth brush.

Then rinse with warm water and dry.


Turquoise and other natural stones

Avoid dropping, hitting or scratching your jewelry on hard surfaces.

Never use abrasive cleaners.

Keep away from all harsh chemicals. 

Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme hot or cold temperatures.