Practice makes perfect-ish

Chubby Batman is finally asleep (ugh, teething), the husband is at the baseball game and I can sit here, watch Netflix and try out my new Tombow brush pen. Such a relaxing Saturday night. I think I'm improving, but there are still a few letters I haven't quite gotten the hang of. 

Brush Pen Practice from

Brush Pen Calligraphy

I've recently fallen in love with brush pen calligraphy. I've been following some amazing people on Instagram whose calligraphy skills are stunning. Their art has inspired me to pick up a pen and try it out for myself. I will say, my every day handwriting looks like that of a deranged serial killer. I've never been that girl with cute handwriting, but from just practicing for a few minutes here and there for a few weeks I can really see an improvement in my lettering. 

Brush Pen Calligraphy From

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts to see beautiful examples of brush calligraphy: