How to cut Fabric With Your Cricut Explore

How to Cut Fabric Wit Your Cricut Explore |

When I first bought my Cricut last year I knew I wanted to use it for cutting things like fabric and felt but from all the things I read on the internet it was difficult to do and it never came out right. After reading tons of blogs and watching countless YouTube videos I set out to cut fabric. Turns out it is super simple and it took me no time at all to make an awesome fabric appliqué.

Here’s a little step by step on how to do it yourself.
Things you need:
1. Heat N’ Bond Ultra hold - I picked up a package of this at Jo-ann’s

2. Fabric - I used regular quilting fabric

3. Regular cutting blade - I’ve had my machine for 8 months and haven’t changed the blade yet and it cut just fine. Just make sure there’s nothing stuck to it or the housing.

4. Standard Cutting Mat

5. An Iron and a sturdy surface to iron on - My ironing board is super flimsy so I iron on a scrap piece of wood I have lying around my craft room.


1. Cut out your fabric. Make it bigger than your design.

2. Place your piece of fabric on your Heat N’ Bond and cut around it.

How To Cut Fabric With Your Cricut Explore |

3. Iron on the Heat N’ Bond to the wrong side of your fabric. Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging.

4. Once it’s completely adhered, place it Heat N’ Bond side DOWN on your cutting mat. Your mat needs to be sticky to hold your fabric in place. If it’s not your fabric could catch the blade and shift around.

How To Cut Fabric With Your Cricut Explore |

5. Cut out your design! I used the Fabric, Printable setting in the custom cut settings.

6. Once it’s cut out, remove the paper backing from the Heat N’ Bond and iron it on to your garment. That’s all it takes! 

How To Cut Fabric With Your Cricut Explore |

Bonus: To make my fabric edges look more finished I cut an outline layer of glitter HTV and ironed that over the top of the fabric.

I can’t wait to give this to my friend and her new baby. I’d love to see your fabric projects your make with your Cricut! Or let me know if you have any questions. Just leave a comment below.