Christmas Cards are done at last!

Last year I wasn't able to get myself together enough to send out Christmas cards. Raven was so little, I decided to give myself some slack and told myself to forget about doing them. This year I was going to make up for that and make some amazing cards.

I didn't get my Cricut until April so I was excited to be able to use it for my cards this year. I'm so happy with how they came out but man was it time consuming cutting out 30 of those sleeves. I did take the easy route and sent my photo card design to Walgreens to be printed. 

Dollar Store Christmas Elves Craft

Dollar Store Elf Craft |

I was at the dollar store a few weeks ago and spotted these adorable elves. They we're just too cute to pass up. I wanted to get a few for my friend's kids and Raven. Then at Target in the Dollar Spot I found the perfect bags to put them in to keep them safe on their travels to their new homes.

I used my Cricut to cut out the names and the bag design in HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I love how they came out! And Raven can't go anywhere with our her new elf friend.  

Dollar Store Christmas Elves Craft |

Holiday Designs

I can't believe the holidays are almost here. Just one month until Christmas and I haven't even started making gifts yet. Yikes! If you're looking to make some awesome gifts for your friends and family, check out my new holiday designs in my shop.

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Mean Right Hook Holiday Designs