DIY Halloween Bats

This week I've been helping a friend decorate their house for their Halloween party / wedding reception. His house is just amazing! Each room is unique and every time I visit I notice something I didn't see before.

DIY Halloween Bats | #Cricut

We needed something for his formal sitting room that filled the large space but didn't over power the room. I've seen awesome pictures floating around Pintrest of paper bat and I knew I wanted to make them for this room. This is one of the simplest projects I've ever done but the result looks like I spent all day cutting and folding bats.

First I uploaded my bat image into Design Space. (Save this PNG to make your own!)

DIY Halloween Bats |

Then I added two score lines so the wings would fold, duplicated the bat at different sizes to fill my 8.5 x 11 card stock, and cut them out on the cardstock setting. I cut out about 50 bats to fill this wall. 

DIY Halloween Bats |

These bats came out so cute and it took less than $2 worth of cardstock to make them. Maybe next year I'll get around to making some for my own home. 

I'd love to see your Halloween decorations! Comment on this post with your pictures or tag me on Instagram @KKuss.